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Noah: An Accurate Movie or A Mockery?

From 1999 t0 2002, I spent time researching, visiting and interviewing staff of upscale public golf facilities for Travel Golf Media.  Whether I was reviewing a grand opening, the newest teaching series or latest theory on the game of golf, I approached  each project with an open mind.  Although I hoped to write a positive message, I maintained a high journalistic standard, giving an honest assessment of what I experienced, read and saw.  Subsequently, I made enemies and friends through each review which leads me to Paramount’s 2014 depiction of the biblical account of Noah opening this Friday.

Starring Russell Crowe as Noah and Emma Watson, its apparent that revisionist historians, naturalistic scientists and environmentalists combined to make a mockery of the Bible.  If you read the first 8 chapters of Genesis and view this film, its clear the writers of the script disregarded Deuteronomy 4:2, adding modern theories into ancient texts.  When you consider the introduction of rock people, a righteous man who hates mankind, wanting to kill them and combine this with a “The Day After Tomorrow” mentality, Jews, Christians and historians will leave theaters disappointed.  Unless you enjoy bad humor, most religious people will walk away shaking their heads wondering how Hollywood could miss the point of this classic true story.

The rationale for my critic is based upon real science, proven by archeology and supported by the Bible.

1. Noah lived on earth during the days of Pangaea, Genesis 1:9-10, a giant continent surrounded by oceans.

2. The initial climate on Pangaea in the days of Noah do not contain rain, Genesis 2:5, consistent with the Open Canopy Theory, slowing down the aging process, Genesis 5:1-32, creating an environment for dinosaurs to thrive, explaining why fossils have been found in polar regions.

3. The people in Noah’s time thought he was crazy, since streams watered the earth, Genesis 2:6, making rain unnecessary, as the world was busy indulging in sins of pleasure, Genesis 6:5-7.

4. Thus, the Lord found favor in Noah, choosing him to build an ark, Genesis 6:8-17, using the forests God created in Genesis 1:11-12.

5. Noah spent years following God’s instructions, Genesis 7:5, fervently preparing for the first day of rain.

6. Prior to the atmospheric change, tectonic plates began to shift, creating a series of earthquakes as geysers erupted throughout the continent, Genesis 7:11, marking the end of Pangaea, gradually breaking away into 7 distinct continents, opening areas for rain water to recede.

7. Finally, rain fell from the sky, Genesis 7:12, as flood gates from the new atmosphere led to a global flood.

8. As the temperature changed to our current conditions, water receding in the polar regions froze, establishing the first ice age on earth.

Don’t just take my word on these issues.  Go see Noah if you have the money, read the first 9 chapters of the Bible and research this information, coming to your own conclusion, Matthew 9:12.

I look forward to reading your comments, opinions and thoughts on Noah, the Bible and reflections on your own worldview.

by Jay Mankus


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