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Giving a Voice to Your God Given Talent

Francis Ouimet was like any other young athlete, aspiring to become like his mentor Harry Vardon.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t born into the right family, a second class citizen.  Golf was considered a gentleman’s game, a place for the rich and wealthy, not for the poor like Francis.  Thus, class boundaries stood in the way of Ouimet from fulfilling his dreams.

As a 20 year, forced to quit golf after losing a bet with his father, Francis attempts to find a career working for a sporting goods store.  When the 1913 U.S. Open comes to Brookline Country Club, across the street from his house, Francis has a change of heart.  Receiving an invitation to the local qualifier, fate allows Francis to compete against his childhood hero.  However, a feud develops between his mom and dad.  Only a mother’s discernment can see that this competition is giving a voice to her son’s God given talent.

Today, disappointment, failure and setbacks cause many to give up on their aspirations before tasting success.  Subsequently, heart broken souls settle for their second, third or forth choice in life.  Wondering what it would be like, some swing for the fences, not giving up until the final out is recorded.  Before the hourglass of time runs out on you, don’t give up on the lofty goals you have set.  Find an avenue to voice your gifts, 2 Timothy 1:6, so that whether you win or lose, you go down knowing you gave everything you had.

by Jay Mankus



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