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To Borrow or Buy?

Before the days of importing goods, products made in America were built to last.  Although the price may have discouraged many from purchasing home improvement items, the investment was often worth it.  Subsequently, the middle class had to decide, should I ask a neighbor to borrow their tool or buy my own?

Unfortunately, consumerism has inspired an era of disposable objects of every shape, size and color.  Low prices have made almost anything you need affordable.  In the meantime, relationships between neighbors have drifted apart, able to buy what they need instead of relying others nearby.  Whether you choose to borrow or buy, each decision will affect you financially or socially.

When Jesus was crucified, he was buried in a borrowed tomb, John 19:38-42.  Surely, Jesus knew he would be only staying a couple days, busting out to attend a resurrection party, John 21:10-14.  As Rush Limbaugh often states, the apostle Paul clearly confirms, “our talents are on loan from God,” borrowed until the day Jesus calls us home.  Until this day arrives, your temple, earthly body, has been bought with a price, 1 Corinthians 6:12-20; therefore honor God with the talents you have received, 1 Corinthians 12:6-11.

by Jay Mankus


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