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Who’s Promoting Who?

With holiday shopping about to commence, everyone could use a little extra money to prevent from going into debt.  However, dollar bills don’t grow on trees thereby forcing individuals to think outside the box.  Those currently in the job force are trying to figure out, how can I get promoted or what do I need to do to get to the next pay grade?

Unfortunately, popularity, who you know and those who play the system the best often surpass individuals with more talent.  Subsequently, promotion is dependent on unseen powers, opening the eyes of bosses to elicit favor.  During the life of Joseph, a pattern begins to form, illustrating this principle, Genesis 39:2-5, 20-21.  Despite unforeseen trials, God continued to bless the actions of Joseph.

In the end, getting a new job, keeping the one that you have or receiving a raise is not always clear.  Although consistency, hard work and going the extra mile are crucial elements, the Lord opens and closes doors, dismissing and promoting people to their current place in life.  I don’t always know why bad things happen to God honoring souls, yet in God’s perfect timing, Ecclesiastes 3:11, He will promote you to the place where you belong.

by Jay Mankus


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