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Life Rescue

Spike TV has created a reality television show that attempts to save establishments from going out of business.  The star of Bar Rescue, John Taft, does not hold back any punches, speaking the honest truth regardless of whose feelings are hurt.  While the show focuses on bars, taverns and restaurants, the host is trying to rescue people from failure.  He doesn’t force the owner to change, but presents a road map for success and allows them to either follow it or continue in their folly.

According to Matthew 9:9-13, Jesus built his entire ministry upon saving the lives of the sick and sinners.  Depending upon their situation, people have various emotional, physical and spiritual ailments.  Meanwhile, others are dealing with the consequences of addictions, unhealthy patterns and poor decisions day after day.  The sick and sinners are often helpless, unable to save their lives from spinning out of control.  Like the reality show, these 2 groups of people need intervention, an outside source to rescue them from the grips of hell, Psalm 30:1-2.

Jesus is like an off duty life guard, looking to save someone drowning from a sea of remorse, sorrow and untruths.  Although people are not physically drowning, their spiritual pulse is about to flat line.  According to 1 John 1:5-1 John 2:6, Bar Rescue owners have one thing in common with sinners, they are both in denial.  The truth can set you free, yet the truth hurts, with many individuals unable to handle the truth according to Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.  Like free will, the choice is up to you.  Therefore, save yourself from a sinking ship of sin or continue to play the piano until the Titanic sinks to the bottom with you on it!

by Jay Mankus